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How do I install the GAMS Version for Macintosh?

Like the other UNIX versions, GAMS for Macintosh is a Mac OS X Terminal application and must be installed and executed using the command line interface. It does currently not have a graphical user interface like the version for Windows. In case you are not familiar with the usage of the Mac OS X terminal, please visit an online tutorial like this one.

The installation files on our download page (and on the DVD) have a .exe extension just to make sure that it will be downloaded in binary mode. The file is really a self-extracting zip file that would normally have a .sfx file extension.

The error message (Malformed Mach-o file) pops up, when the file is corrupt. Please check the size and the md5 hash value of the file you have downloaded against the values available on our web site. Note: Use md5 inputfile to get the md5 hash value under Mac OS X. We are currently investigating, whether this is connected with the way Safari treats the download of an .exe file - downloads using Firefox do not suffer from this problem.

The first step for your installation should be to create a directory that host the GAMS system directory. An example is /Applications/GAMS. Copy the file there, make sure it is executable with chmod u+x if necessary, then run it, and it will unzip itself.

Below are exact commands to run from a terminal window (this also applies to the version for Macintosh PowerPC-based systems)

mkdir /Applications/GAMS
cd /Applications/GAMS

...(move the downloaded file  to /Applications/GAMS)

chmod u+x osx_x86_32_sfx.exe

Now you should see this output:

UnZipSFX 5.51 of 22 May 2004, by Info-ZIP (
  inflating: gamsinst
  inflating: gamsunpack
  inflating: gmsunzip

From there use the Unix installation instructions (Step 6)

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