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Problem running next script: No such file or directory

The log reads:

Problem running next script: No such file or directory
--- Restarting execution

The issue indicates that GAMS did not find a temporary file in the process directory. The issue may have been caused by a virus scanner, that either blocks or delays the creation of the temporary file. You may test, if adding the following statement before the solve statement avoids the issue:

Option solvelink=5; 

This option will pass the problem to the solver in core without the use of temporary files. Note that all solvers do not support solvelink=5, however, you can find out, if the solver that you are running supports solvelink=5, from the log output. A successful GAMS run is a indication on that your virus scanner may have caused the issue. However, to be sure, you may consider to do the following test. 1) Update your virus scanner 2) Disconnect your computer from the internet 3) Scan and clean your computer for viruses 4) Disable your virus scanner temporarily 5) run a GAMS program.

Configuring your virus scanner

By default the temporary files will be created in the folder where you have your GAMS model, i.e. the .gms file. Therefore, you may want to add an exception in your real time virus scanner settings, that instructs the scanner Not to check for the files that are located in the folder where you run GAMS. Furthermore, you may also want to exclude the processes and files for the GAMS System. This prevents the virus scanner to interfere with GAMS. However, adding folders to the exception list is a potential security issue and, therefore, GAMS will take No responsibility of how you choose to configure your virus scanner. The below picture shows an example on how a virus scanner may be configured.


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