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The General Algebraic Modeling Language

GAMS 45.4.0 (27 Nov 2023)
Release Notes

Express your optimization problem in our easy to learn, efficient modeling language. Find optimal solutions using world class mathematical solvers.

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Graphical User Interfaces for GAMS Models

GAMS MIRO 2.8.2 (26 Oct 2023)
Release Notes

Develop interactive user interfaces for your GAMS models and deploy them locally or in the cloud. Powerful visualization and analysis features included.

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GAMSPy Python Integration

GAMSPy 0.10.5 (21 Nov 2023)
Release Notes

Leverage the power of GAMS' high performance execution system with the flexible Python language to create complex mathematical models effortlessly directly in Python.

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Solve your models, either on-premises or in the cloud with our Engine SaaS. A highly scalable and reliable option for when things just have to work.

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More than just software

Workshops and Training

Learn from our experts about modeling best practices, data exchange techniques, performance tuning of your models and much more.

Model Development & Improvement

Short on modeling experience? We work with your experts to develop tailor-made decision support solutions. If you already have a working model, often we can help improve performance significantly.

Model Deployment

You have a model and need to roll it out? We can help with deployment and UI development, from 100% local to 100% cloud.

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Case Studies

Optimal Efficient Price Discovery in Dairy Trading Events

Charles River Associates operate their Trading System for Efficient Markets (TSEMâ„¢) based on a series of GAMS models and determine reference prices for the global dairy trade.

Allocating Out-of-Home Advertising Campaigns

VIOOH enables media owners to efficiently manage their large panel inventory to satisfy the business requirements of their clients.

Modeling Transportation Carbon Intensity Targets for the EU with GAMS

The ICCT asked GAMS to develop, test, and run a partial equilibrium model of the transportation sector in the EU.

Transitioning a Large Electricity Model to the Cloud

Stadtwerke München have recently transitioned their large GAMS based energy market model to the Amazon cloud.

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GAMSPy Insights

Gain insights and answers to the most common questions related to the release of GAMSPy.

Introducing GAMSPy

Learn how GAMSPy revolutionizes mathematical optimization by seamlessly integrating the power of Python’s expressive language with the efficiency of GAMS, offering a streamlined and high-performance solution for complex modeling challenges.

GAMS at the INFORMS 2023 in Phoenix

The INFORMS Annual Meeting 2023 was held Phoenix and we’ve had an eventful weekend at our booth. Have a look to our report and presentations held in Phoenix.

GAMS at the OR2023 in Hamburg

This year’s annual conference of the Society for Operations Research (GOR e.V.) took place in Hamburg from August 29 to September 1. The contributions revolved around the topics of Decision Support and Choice-Based Analytics for a disruptive World. This year we sent a slightly larger team to the conference to meet colleagues, learn new things and gather experiences.

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