Efficient Prototyping and Vehicle Testing

Latest Project: 2002

Optimize Vehicle Testing with ltTOM2

July 2002

Vehicle evaluation and verification is a process that involves various tests and evaluations of vehicles to ensure that they meet safety, performance, and regulatory standards before they are launched in the market. The ltTOM2 model developed by GAMS and Ford Motor Company is a test optimization tool that schedules and manages these test requests. The model optimizes the utilization of testing-facilities and helps in generating weekly test schedules. By automating and optimizing the scheduling process, the ltTOM2 model reduces testing time, minimizes resource conflicts, and increases efficiency in the testing process. Overall, this project helped Ford Motor Company in timely development and certification of their products worldwide.

Efficient Prototyping: Optimizing Design Verification Requests

February 2002

Design verification requests refer to the tests and evaluations that a product has to undergo to ensure that it meets certain standards and requirements before it can be certified for production and distribution. GAMS and Ford Motor Company have collaborated on an innovative project that utilizes complex mathematical optimization to improve scheduling and optimization of design verification requests for prototyping. The project resulted in the development of a highly efficient scheduling and optimization model, which minimizes the total number of instances required for testing while also considering restrictions on prototype life and other constraints. By leveraging GAMS optimization software, the project successfully evolved from an existing model named POM, and now provides users with a streamlined and user-friendly interface for managing data input/output, computation, and results.