Scheduling at the United States Coast Guard Academy

Latest Project: 2021

At the US Coast Guard Academy (USCGA), scheduling used to be a significant challenge for faculty and staff due to the complexity of the institution’s course offerings, including numerous requirements and restrictions. This was particularly true at a service academy where the focus is on the cadets, and course scheduling must be designed to meet their unique needs and interests.

But all that changed when the USCGA turned to GAMS consulting services. Working closely with the USCGA team, GAMS consultants leveraged their expertise in scheduling optimization to develop a customized solution that met the institution’s specific needs. Using state-of-the-art optimization algorithms and tools, they were able to generate schedules that minimized conflicts and optimized enrollment balancing.

The results were impressive. With GAMS consulting services, the USCGA was able to significantly reduce the time and effort required for scheduling. The automated scheduling process was much more accurate and efficient, reducing errors and conflicts that had previously been a source of concern. Today, scheduling at the USCGA is a success story, thanks to the expertise and support provided by GAMS consulting services.

By partnering with GAMS, the USCGA was able to achieve its scheduling goals and create a more streamlined and efficient academic environment. Faculty and staff can now focus on providing the best education possible to their students, and students can take courses that meet their unique needs and interests.