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- +If using the GAMS IDE, then the log of a model if called by ''​$call =gams your_model.gms''​ or ''​execute "gams trnsport.gms";''​ will not be shown in the process window of the GAMS IDE and will not be accessible ​after the model run. To make the log also appear in the GAMS IDE process window, add the following lines to your model:
-Please note the log of a model if called by ''​$call =gams your_model.gms''​ or ''​execute "gams trnsport.gms";''​ will be invisible ​and lost after the model run. To avoid thisjust add the following lines to you model to echo the log file into the process window or the console (if GAMS is executed via the command line).+
 <​code>​ <​code>​
 $setglobal ide "​ide=%gams.ide% lo=%gams.lo% errorlog=%gams.errorlog% errmsg=1"​ $setglobal ide "​ide=%gams.ide% lo=%gams.lo% errorlog=%gams.errorlog% errmsg=1"​
Line 28: Line 27:
 abort$errorlevel '​your_model failed';​ abort$errorlevel '​your_model failed';​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +Note, that also other options that have been set for the main GAMS run are not automatically passed on. For example, if you use an alternative license file, then you may want to add ''​license=%gams.license%''​ to the GAMS call.
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