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-===== How do I create a report with some technical information about the optimzation?​ =====  
-You can save the solver status and model status along with the objective value. This also works for solves in a loop. Below is an example: 
-parameter report (*,*); 
-loop {I, 
-   solve m using nlp min z; 
-   ​report(I,'​objval'​) = m.objval; 
-   ​report(I,'​modelstat'​) = m.modelstat;​ 
-   ​report(I,'​solvestat'​) = m.solvestat;​ 
-There'​s plenty more one could include. ​ To get a list, just make a mis-spelling of one of the model suffices - this provokes GAMS/Base into giving you a list of the allowed ones: 
-    2. set by gams after each solve execution 
-       ​domusd,​ etalg, etsolve, etsolver, handle, iterusd, line 
-       ​linkused,​ modelstat, nodusd, number, numdepnd, numdvar 
-       ​numequ,​ numinfes, numnlins, numnlnz, numnopt, numnz 
-       ​numredef,​ numvar, numvarproj, objest, objval, procused 
-       ​resgen,​ resusd, robj, solvestat, suminfes 
-You may also use a [[interfaces:​send_model_status_to_a_gdx_file|gdx file to store this information]].