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Line 18: Line 18:
          ​nodusd,​ number, numequ, numinfes, numnlins          ​nodusd,​ number, numequ, numinfes, numnlins
          ​numnopt,​ numnz, numredef, numvar, objest, objval          ​numnopt,​ numnz, numredef, numvar, objest, objval
-         rescalcresderiv, resgen, resout, resusd¬†+         resusd, solvestat, suminfes, sysident, sysver, tryint
-         solvestat, suminfes, sysident, sysver,​tryint+
        ...        ...
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 You may also use a [[interfaces:​send_model_status_to_a_gdx_file|gdx file to store this information]]. You may also use a [[interfaces:​send_model_status_to_a_gdx_file|gdx file to store this information]].
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