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How do I create a report with some technical information about the optimzation?

You can save the solver status and model status along with the objective value. This also works for solves in a loop. Below is an example:

parameter report (*,*);

loop {I,
   solve m using nlp min z;
   report(I,'objval') = m.objval;
   report(I,'modelstat') = m.modelstat;
   report(I,'solvestat') = m.solvestat;

There's plenty more one could include. To get a list, just make a mis-spelling of one of the model suffices - this provokes GAMS/Base into giving you a list of the allowed ones:

    2. set by gams after each solve execution
       domusd, etalg, etsolve, etsolver, handle, iterusd, line
       linkused, modelstat, nodusd, number, numdepnd, numdvar
       numequ, numinfes, numnlins, numnlnz, numnopt, numnz
       numredef, numvar, numvarproj, objest, objval, procused
       resgen, resusd, robj, solvestat, suminfes

You may also use a gdx file to store this information.

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