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What is the difference between the ** operator and the power function?

The power function power(x) (or sqr(x) is an integer power and thus the exponent must be an integer.

This is not required for the ** operator. x**2 is a a real power and gets evaluated as exp(2*log(x)). However, with the ** operator the exponent must be a positive number to avoid an compilation error. So:

scalar test; 
test = (-3)**4; 
* note: this is not the same as -3**4,which will be treated as -(3**4) 
display test; 

will give you an error:

**** Exec Error at line 2: rPower: FUNC DOMAIN: x**y, x < 0

This formulation will work:

scalar test; 
test = power(-3,4); 
display test; 
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