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-====== Endogenous $-control operations not allowed ====== 
-//I am trying to model a condition like: ''​(x = 2$(y gt 1.5) + 0$(y le 1.5))'',​ but there is an error message// 
- ​Endogenous $-control operations not allowed 
- **** The following DNLP errors were detected in model opt: 
- ​**** ​ 52 equation equation2 .. VAR $-control. 
-You cannot use variables in a $ condition. The dollar condition must depend on  
-data only. 
-When you try to do this with a NLP, it often means that you have a discrete aspect to  
-their model that will require the introduction of binary variables -- making the  
-model type an MINLP (mixed integer nonlinear program) that needs to be solved ​ 
-with a solver like DICOPT or SBB. If you browse our model library, you'll find examples of  
-MINLP models that might help. 
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