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How do I enter GAMS command line options ?

There are various ways to enter additional GAMS command line options (e.g. ps = 9999 pw = 200):

  • Using the command line interface:
    • Just add them to the GAMS call, e.g.: gams trnsport ps = 9999 pw = 200
    • If you want to use these options permanently: Add them to the file gmsprmnx.txt (Windows) or gmsprmnu.txt (UNIX)
  • Use a parameter file:
    • Enter the options into an ASCII file (e.g gams.opt)
    • Activate this parameter file using the command line option:gams <model_name> pf=<parameter_file>
    • Hint: You can also use the GAMS option editor to generate and edit this file: Utilities → Option editor → File → Create option files →GAMS
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