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-====== Equation infeasible due to rhs value ====== 
-The complete error message ​ in the lst file is:  
-**** Exec Error at line ...: Equation infeasible due to rhs value 
-There is the  model attribute ''​tolinfeas''​ you can set, e.g.: ''​model.tolinfeas = 1e-5;''​ 
-This attribute is initially set to ''​NA'',​ in which case GAMS will use a value close to the machine precision. ​  For example the equation: 
-   a.. 0*x =e= 0.0001; 
-will be infeasible. ​ This can be reversed using 
- mymodel.tolinfeas = 1e-3; 
-which will make the above equation feasible. Other model attributes changing internal GAMS tolerances are: ''​tolinfrep'' ​ and ''​tolproj''​. 
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