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 +====== Error 3: The system cannot find the path specified"​. ======
 +The current version of the GAMS IDE uses the "My Documents"​ directory to store an initialization file (''​gamside.ini''​) . It will not run if this directory can not be accessed.
 +Usually this directory is on the local c:-drive, but some system administrators may choose to have this directory on a network drive (in
 +your case the h:\- drive, but this is just a guess). Thus the GAMS IDE will not start if your machine is not connected to the network, even if GAMS itself is installed on the local c: drive.
 +The workaround is to create a shortcut on the desktop with target:
 +"​C:​\Program Files\GAMS22.8\gamside.exe"​ c:​\projects\gams\gamside.ini
 +When you click on this shortcut the GAMS IDE will use the ''​c:​\projects\gams''​ directory to store the initialization file. Make sure
 +this directory exist!
 +The IDE Help has some notes on this too  (click on the file ''​gamside.chm''​ in the GAMS system directory).
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