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 +====== $282 (within the GAMS IDE) ======
 +Q: //.. I just put all data files files and the gams file under the same directory,
 +and ran GAMS from the command line. Now I am running the same program within ​
 +the the GAMS IDE. However, I always get and error ''​$282 Unable to open include file''​. //
 +This error message indicates that GAMS could not find the include file. The GAMS IDE 
 +stores certain information about your work in a project file. ( Extension: gpr). The directory ​
 +where the project file is located is also used as the default directory for file operations when GAMS executes, such as searching for INCLUDE files and writing the LISTING-, PUT-, and gdx- files files. There is a document available under Help -> Help Topics, which explains this in detail.
 +Most likely you will have to create a project file in the directory where your model and data are located. ​
 +Use: File -> Project -> New Project and navigate to your working directory and create it there. ​
 +Afterwards just open your model file again. ​
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