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Error 286:Invalid in-line/end-of-line comment delimiter specification ...

The full error message is:

286  Invalid in-line/end-of-line comment delimiter specification - format 
            single delimiter -  $inlinecom { }
                             -  $eolcom #
      -or-  double delimiter -  $inlinecom /* */
                             -  $eolcom _$

This happens if a delimiter has been redefined twice, e.g.:

eolcom !
display 'test'; !test
$eolcom !

GAMS will interpret the second ! as a end of line comment and thus interpret the whole statement as a a eolcom statement without an argument, which triggers the error message.

A more complicated situation may arise, if the second definition of the delimiter happens in a include file. If you want to set an eolcom or inline comment in an include file you have to do disable the current eolcom and the redefine it again.

$offeolcom $eolcom !

Then it does not matter what kind of eolcom character you used in the calling GAMS file. Since all those dollar option are scoped, the calling gams file keeps its eolcom character. To make this totally save one could use:

%$offeolcom offinline comment * dollar $ eolcom !  

Note the use of %$, it means use the current $ symbol. Again, since everything is scoped, it will not do damage the the calling file processing.

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