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Error code 13, System Failure

Q: “When I call GAMS the model compiles and calls the solver but the call fails and returns error code 13, System Failure. This happens with all solvers”

It almost sounds like that GAMS is not allowed to execute a CMD script (that's what we do by default when GAMS runs solver). We had cases like this in the past where some system security policies prevents running CMD scripts. You can quickly verify this by running a model with a different “solvelink” setting (which runs the solver without going through a script): add solvelink=2 to the GAMS command line and see if the solver gets correctly executed. If this works you might want to get together with your system admin and see if the security policy can be changed to allow you the execution of CMD scripts or you can experiment with the solvelink option 2 (call the solver executable directly) and 5 (call the solver in memory).

Another option is that a virus scanner is interfering.

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