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 of an equation?// of an equation?//
-//What I want to do is to relax some bounds, if am equation was infeasibleI tried with equation.m, but marginals may exist, even if the equation is not highlighted with "​infes"​.//+[[​latest/​docs/​UG_Equations.html#​UG_Equations_Attributes|Equation attribute]] .infeas provides ​the amount by which an equation is infeasible falling below its lower bound or above its upper bound. This is defined as ''​max(0,​ lower bound - level, level - upper bound)''​.
-With recent versions ​of GAMS, we compute the constraint record ''​EQU.infeas''​ from ''​EQU.''​l and ''​EQU.lo/​up''​. This feature ​is used in the model ''​feasopt1''​ in the [[http://​​modlib/​libhtml/​feasopt1.htm|GAMS model library]].+Usage of this model attribute ​is for example illustrated ​in the model ''​feasopt1''​ in the [[http://​​modlib/​libhtml/​feasopt1.htm|GAMS model library]].
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