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-====== Getting Command Line Arguments into a Model ====== 
-Q: //Is it possible to specify command line arguments in the GAMS call, e.g: ''​gams dosomething.gms 10''​ and in ''​dosomething.gms''​ then set some scalar to 10, e.g: ''​SCALE = $1;''?//​ 
-The GAMS command line arguments ​ ''​user1''​ to ''​user5'' ​ will do the job. On the command line (or in the IDE parameter box) you can specify ''​user1=10''​ (or ''​u1=10''​) and inside the GAMS program you can refer to the parameter by using ''​%gams.user1%''​. Note, that this is a compile time string replacement,​ so u1 to u5 are not restricted to numbers. If the string has delimiter character (e.g. space) you have to put quotes around your string. ​ 
-The example from above could be done like this:<​code>​ 
-  gams dosomething.gms u1=10 
-  SCALE = %gams.user1%;​ 
-Note that if ''​user1''​ is not defined the result would look like:''​ SCALE =;'',​ which would trigger a compilation error. In order to prevent this, you might specify a default and overwrite this if user1 is set: 
-$set myscale 1 
-$if not %gams.user1% == ""​ $set myscale %gams.user1% 
-SCALE = %myscale%; 
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