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-====== How can I access environment variables inside GAMS ====== 
-Unfortunately,​ there is no direct way of accessing the 
-environment variables inside GAMS, but we can create an  
-include file on the fly that sets GAMS macros which contain ​ 
-the settings of an system environment variable: 
-For Windows: 
-$echon '​$setglobal WINDIR ' ​ > setwindir 
-$call echo %WINDIR% ​        >>​ setwindir 
-$include setwindir 
-display "​%windir%";​ 
-For Unix: 
-$echon '​$setglobal USER ' ​   > setuser 
-$call echo $USER            >> setuser 
-$include setuser 
-display "​%USER%"​ 
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