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 +====== How can I protect my GAMS Model? ======
 +GAMS does not store your models internally in a database, but (by default) as ASCII or binary files. These files can be protected using the security options of the operating system you are using.
 +Let's assume that all users are allowed to provide data for the model and make runs and do reporting for those runs. 
 +If you don't want to allow them to view or change the model structure and algebra, you can accomplish that with our "Save and Restart Feature"​. In essence, the core model is pre-compiled and can be run only by restarting from its pre-compiled form. 
 +Below is an example, which shows who this can be achieved. We have two model files where ''​private.gms''​ contains the secret parts of your model and ''​public.gms''​ just the public data:
 +* private.gms
 +$phantom foo
 +set i / foo /;
 +parameter c(i) / foo 0 /, w(i) / foo 0 /;
 +scalar rhs /0/;
 +binary variable x(i); variable z;
 +equation obj, e;
 +obj.. z =e= sum(i, c(i)*x(i));
 +e..   ​sum(i,​ w(i)*x(i)) =l= rhs;
 +model kn /all/;
 +set s / foo /;
 +  c(i) = uniform(0.9,​1.1)*c(i);​
 +  solve kn max z using mip;
 +* public.gms
 +set i / i1*i5 /;
 +parameter c(i) / i1 1, i2 2, i3 3, i4 4, i5 5 /
 +          w(i) / i1 5, i2 4, i3 3, i4 2, i5 1 /
 +scalar rhs /8/;
 +set s /s1*s2/;
 +Now run ''​private.gms''​ as follows: ''​gams private.gms a=c s=0''​. The output will be a pre-complied file ''​0.g00'',​ which is not human-readable. Now you can delete ''​private.gms''​ (make a backup first) ​
 +and run ''​public.gms''​ together with ''​0.g00''​ using: ''​gams public r=0''​. Please check appendix F (The Save and Restart Feature) of the GAMS User's Guide for more information. ​
 +Starting with distribution 22.4 there is also the option to encrypt GAMS source files and to link the encrypted file to a particular GAMS license. Please check appendix I (Compressed and Encrypted Input Files) of the GAMS User's Guide for more information. ​
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