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 +====== How do I get the **total** model solution time in GAMS? ======
 +Q: Is there a way to access the "​Compilation Time", "​Generation Time" and "​Execution Time"
 +in the same way as one can access '"​Resource Usage Time" (using <​modelname>​.resusd)? ​
 +You can access those times with the following functions
 +Scalar tcomp, texec, telapsed;
 +tcomp = TimeComp;
 +texec = TimeExec;
 +telapsed = TimeElapsed;​
 +Display tcomp, texec, telapsed;
 +Please also have a look at [[gams:​what_is_the_meaning_of_compilation_time_generation_time_and_execution_time|that entry]]. ​
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