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How do I reduce the size of my listing (.LST) file?

The size of the listing file can be reduced by using the following switches:

  • Turning off the SOLPRINT, LIMROW, and LIMCOL options
  • Turning on $offsymxref, $offsymlist, and $offlisting

The $offlisting switch turns off the listing of the input file(s) in the listing file. This can also be done by using the suppress=1 command line option. The rest of the options are explained in the GAMS manual. The following example illustrates the use of these switches to minimize the size of the listing file.

$inlinecom /* */

/* Turn off the listing of the input file */

/* Turn off the listing and cross-reference of the symbols used */
$offsymxref offsymlist

    limrow = 0,     /* equations listed per block */
    limcol = 0,     /* variables listed per block */
    solprint = off,     /* solver's solution output printed */
    sysout = off;       /* solver's system output printed */

/*  include your model here */

The solprint option can be controlled on a model-by-model basis by a line of the form model_name.solprint = N;, where N = 0, 1, or 2. 0 and 1 correspond to the off and on settings for the global solprint option, while 2 eliminates even the abbreviated solution status information printed in the off case.

Sometimes it is tedious to make all the necessary edits. An alternative is the command line option suppress=1 which suppresses the source file echo print, i.e.

      gams model suppress=1

All display statements, solution listings etc. will appear in the .lst file, but none of the input text is written there.

You can completely shut off output to the lst file from the GAMS model by sending it to NUL under Windows or to /dev/null on most Unix machines. To run a model completely quietly (i.e. without any output to the screen or to the log file), run:

  • Windows: gams trnsport o=nul lo=2 lf=nul or gams trnsport o=nul lo=0
  • Unix: gams trnsport o=/dev/null lo=2 lf=/dev/null or gams trnsport o=/dev/null lo=0
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