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How do I interpret the Column Listing?

Q: I get in my lst file:

X(1,1) (.LO, .L, .UP = 0, 0.0033, +INF)
1           equation_X(1,1)
(-147.9179) Calc_Y(1,1)

The Variable X is used in calc_y. What does each value correspond to ?

Submitted by Arne Drud: The line: X(1,1) (.LO, .L, .UP = 0, 0.0033, +INF) tells you which variable you are looking at and what its bounds and current value are.

The next line:1 equation_X(1,1) tells you that the variable above appear in equation euation_X(1,1) and the the coefficient is 1, and that the relationship is linear. If the relationship is nonlinear there will be a parenthesis around the coefficient as shown next.

The third line: (-147.9179) Calc_Y(1,1) tells you that the same variable appear in equation Calc_Y(1,1), that the derivative in the current point (X(1,1) = 0.0033 from above is -147.9179, and the parenthesis says that the derivative is nonlinear so it could be different in another point.

Check also Section 10.5.2 of the User's Guide.

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