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-====== Multiple solutions of a MIP ====== 
-//I was wondering how you would code a Mixed Integer Linear Program, so that you would be able to obtain all solutions with an objective value less than some predetermined value for a minimisation problem. 
-Obtaining all solutions (with objective in a particular interval) of a 
-MIP is not an easy task. If you have continous variables in the MIP 
-there may be even infinite many optimal solutions. ​ In this case there 
-is no efficient general way. You may check books on '​sensitivity 
-analysis'​ of LPs and MIP. 
-If your MIP consists of binary/​integer variables only, there is a 
-possible way for your problem: You solve the original problem in order 
-to get one optimal solution. ​ Then you add a new constraint to 'cut 
-off' the optimal solution and comes up with the next best 
-solution. You do this loop until the objective of the solution becomes 
-to small. An example of this '​cutting plane' method can be found in 
-the model library (model icut) 
-From the GAMS IDE choose file->​Open in GAMS Model Library->​Model icut 
-and run the model (by pressing F9). From a command line (DOS box or 
-UNIX shell) call  
- gamslib icut  
- gams icut 
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