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 ====== **** TERMINATED DUE TO LIMITS IN Single block NL code size exceeded ====== ====== **** TERMINATED DUE TO LIMITS IN Single block NL code size exceeded ======
-This happens ​if you have a very large nonlinear ​expression ​in one of your  +Usually this error message is seen if you have written a complicated nonlinear expression that is defined over a very large domain. For example, a sum over large domains where the expression ​inside the sum goes on for pages. A definition of an equation over a large domain can have the same effect. Everything for that block of equations ​has to generate intermediate code in the same address space
-equations. ​Often this can be worked around by breaking things ​ + 
-up with intermediate variables to produce ​smaller equations. ​ +There are two possibilities. One is that you are generating something much larger than expected or necessary. The other is that your model is correct but very, very large.  
-In current distribution ​the restriction has been greatly relaxed+ 
 +The generic advice for a work-around is to introduce ​intermediate variables to get a smaller ​code size per block of equations. ​Another thing to consider would be to partition ​the domains so that you might, for example, have two blocks where each is half the size.
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