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Unexpected Exception from eoutofmemory

Q: I had some problems processing GAMS. It seems to be consequence of lack of memory. The error message reads:

  *** Unexpected Exception from eoutofmemory
  *** Please report to
  *** Msg=Out of Memory in New or GetMem.

Can you estimate how large you expect your model to be? How many variables, equations and non zeros should there be? The number of non zeros will be more important than the number of variables and equations so it is hard to say much without having an estimate of that number.

There are errors that a user can make that will generate large dense data structures where sparse structures were intended. It may well be, though, that you are trying to generate a model that is too large for a 32 bit address space. Note that under Windows you will only be able to access about 1.7 GB of memory due to various kinds of overhead.

If you do a lot of data manipulations it may be that you can kill or clear some intermediate data structures before executing the solve statement. Look up Option kill and Option Clear in the User's Guide if you think that might help.

If you really have a model too large for a 32 bit machine, you can consider moving to a 64 bit machine. We have 64 bit GAMS versions for most platforms.

Finally, of course, you can work to reduce the size of your model.

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