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 +====== What is the meaning of projected in the MODEL STATISTICS? ======
 +In 22.6 we introduced the model attribute ''​.numvarproj''​ was added to count bound projections during model generation. Some minor additions to ''​MODEL STATISTICS''​ and an enhanced column listing help identify potential problems (the variable attribute ''​.infeas''​ could also be used to display potential bound projections)
 +A bound projection happens if the user has defined a variable level to be outside the lower and upper bound, e.g.:
 +''​x.up=1;​ x.lo=0, x.l=-2;''​
 +During the model generation GAMS will project (change) that level to the next bound (in this case 0) and count the number of these bound in the lst file and in the model attribute ​ ''​.numvarproj''​.
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