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Google Group GAMSWorld

GAMS World is the GAMS Google Group. If you have questions about GAMS in general and how to use it, you can post them there.

To get the most out of the group and to respect the time of those who will read your post, please follow some simple guidelines when posting there:

  • Before sending a question to the group, please …
  • When sending a question to the group, please …
    • … describe your problem as clearly as possible.
    • … try to reproduce your problem with a small example. Often a solution to the problem will occur to you as you cut a larger problem down in size and remove extraneous code.
    • … make your example as concise as possible. Before you submit, test what you are submitting.
    • … send the self-contained, executable GAMS code that reproduces your problem to the group.
    • … send the error message(s) produced by GAMS (if available).
    • … send the GAMS version you are using so that people know what system to use to reproduce a problem (on the command line execute 'gams ?' or check 'Help' → 'About' in the IDE to see your version).
    • … start a new thread for a different problem / question.
    • … include a concise signature specifying affiliation.

You will find many experienced and helpful GAMS users in the group. If you follow these guidelines, they are more likely to respond to you with helpful replies.

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