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-====== Frequently Asked Questions from GAMSWorld ====== 
 [[https://​​forum/#​!forum/​gamsworld|Google Group GAMSWorld]] [[https://​​forum/#​!forum/​gamsworld|Google Group GAMSWorld]]
 +GAMS World is the GAMS Google Group. If you have questions about GAMS in general and how to use it, you can post them there. ​
 +To get the most out of the group and to respect the time of those who will read your post, please follow some simple guidelines when posting there:
 +  * Before sending a question to the group, please ...
 +    * ... start with the GAMS Tutorial, if you are new to GAMS: https://​​latest/​docs/​UG_Tutorial.html
 +    * ... search the GAMS User's Guide (https://​​latest/​docs/​UG_MAIN.html).
 +    * ... search the Expanded GAMS User Guide.
 +    * ... search the GAMS-List (http://​​cgi-bin/​wa?​S1=gams-l).
 +    * ... search this group.
 +  * When sending a question to the group, please ...
 +    * ... describe your problem as clearly as possible.
 +    * ... try to reproduce your problem with a small example. Often a solution to the problem will occur to you as you cut a larger problem down in size and remove extraneous code.
 +    * ... make your example as concise as possible. Before you submit, test what you are submitting.
 +    * ... send the self-contained,​ executable GAMS code that reproduces your problem to the group.
 +    * ... send the error message(s) produced by GAMS (if available).
 +    * ... send the GAMS version you are using so that people know what system to use to reproduce a problem (on the command line execute 'gams ?' or check '​Help'​ -> '​About'​ in the IDE to see your version).
 +    * ... start a new thread for a different problem / question.
 +    * ... include a concise signature specifying affiliation.
 +You will find many experienced and helpful GAMS users in the group. If you follow these guidelines, they are more likely to respond to you with helpful replies.
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