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 +====== Abnormal return from spawn of GAMS/Base / Unable to display solver matrix ======
 +Note: // Starting with distribution 22.5 the 64 bit GAMS version can not be installed on a 32 bit operating system. Also the GAMS IDE will pop up a warning, when running the wrong version of GAMS.//
 +You get this error when trying to execute the 64 bit version of GAMS on a 32 bit version of Windows. ​
 +Unfortunately with older GAMS version ( until 22.4) you can  run the setup.exe programm without getting a warning. ​
 +The IDE will work as expected, but you will get all kind of strange error messages when trying to run GAMS: ''​abnormal return from spawn of GAMS/​Base''​ or (within the IDE) ''​Error=193;​ Unable to display solver matrix''​
 +Solution: De-install GAMS and install the appropriate GAMS Version. If you are not sure whether you have a 32 bit or a 64 bit version of Windows, please click [[installation:​do_i_have_a_32bit_or_a_64_bit_version_of_windows|here]].
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