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Avoid Directory Names with Blanks

Under Unix and Mac OS X both the name of the GAMS system directory and the name of the user's working directory currently (22.8) must not contains blanks (space signs).

Thus do not have directory names like /software/gams system/22.5/ or /home/joe/my models/.

You will get all kind of error messages from GAMS or the solvers. Below is an example.

--- Executing CONOPT
ccc/225a/gmsco3ux.out: Command not found.
--- Restarting execution
--- ramsey.gms(135) 0 Mb
--- Reading solution for model ramsey
*** Status: Normal completion
--- Job ramsey.gms Stop 10/16/07 15:08:17 elapsed 0:00:00.427
/bin/rm: No match.
exit: Expression Syntax.
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