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How to Install an Incremental Update to GAMS


This document describes how to install an incremental update to GAMS. The update can either be a new component to GAMS or a newer version of an existing component. The backup and installation process may require administrative privileges - if necessary check with your IT department.

It is noted that we strongly recommend to create a backup copy of the existing GAMS system (including all subdirectories), as the update will generally replace some of the existing components in the current GAMS system.

Windows Instructions Using the GAMSIDE

  1. Download the incremental update from our Distribution History, Changes and Updates page.
  2. Copy the file to be installed into the existing GAMS system directory (e.g. C:\Program Files\GAMS\22.6\).
  3. In the GAMSIDE, go to File→Options and select the Execute tab.
  4. Click on the Update button. This should bring up a window with valid update files located in your GAMS system directory.
  5. Review the files to be installed and click continue, which will install all listed components. The screen shot below shows the file

Installation using the Command Line Interface

  1. Download the incremental update from our Distribution History and Changes page.
  2. Copy the incremental update into the GAMS system directory
  3. Change into the GAMS system directory and enter at the command line: gamsinst -a The -a option of gamsinst keeps all of the default solver settings specified during the initial installation.
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