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Some notes about using GAMS on a Mac

Like the other UNIX versions, GAMS for Mac is a Mac OS X Terminal application and must be installed and executed using the command line interface. Currently it does Not have a graphical user interface like the version for Windows. In case you are not familiar with the usage of the Mac OS X terminal, please visit an online tutorial like this one.

The installation files on our download page have a .exe extension just to make sure that it will be downloaded in binary mode. The file is really a self-extracting zip file that would normally have a .sfx file extension. For more detailed installation instructions, see the following link.

The Mac Version of GAMS does not offer the GAMS Integrated Development Environment (GAMSIDE), i.e. a graphical user interface. However, it is worth to note, that it is possible to run the Windows version of GAMS, that offers the GAMSIDE on a Mac, by using a third party software like Wine, VMWare or Parallels. Some users have found Wine helpful, despite it's unstable behavior (observed in April 2014). In case you are interested to try out Wine, you can find more information from this website.


To use the native version of GAMS on a Mac, you need a valid GAMS license, that is either a Mac platform or a cross platform license. If you execute the Windows version of GAMS on Mac by using third party software, you need a GAMS Windows license. Note, however, that running GAMS on Wine, accepts also a GAMS Mac platform specific license. If your license does not cover the Mac platform, then you can change the license to Mac license or upgrade to a cross platform license. However, for any licensing changes, the license needs to be under maintenance. For more information about when a GAMS license is under maintenance, see section Maintenance and Support in: link for commercial customers, link for academic customers. In case you are interested in making changes to your license, please contact In case you want to speed up the process, please note your GAMS license number, i.e. DC-number, in the email.

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