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-====== Some notes about using GAMS on a Mac ====== 
-As of GAMS version 25.1.1, GAMS Studio, a cross-platform integrated development environment for GAMS is available for MAC. 
-In earlier distributions,​ like the other UNIX versions, GAMS for Mac was a [[WP>​Apple_Terminal| Mac OS X Terminal]] application and had be executed using the [[WP>​Command_line_interface|command line interface]]. That means, up top version 25.0.3 there was no graphical user interface (like the GAMS IDE for Windows). ​ In case you are not familiar with the usage of the Mac OS X terminal, please visit an [[http://​​pub/​a/​mac/​2001/​12/​14/​terminal_one.html|online tutorial like this one]]. 
-The sfx installation files on our [[http://​​latest/​index.html|download page]] have a .exe extension just to make sure that it will be downloaded in binary mode. The file is really a self-extracting zip file that would normally have a .sfx file extension. For more detailed installation instructions,​ see the following [[http://​​latest/​docs/​UG_MAC_INSTALL.html|link]]. 
-Note that it is in general possible **but not officially supported** to run the Windows version of GAMS on a Mac, by using a third party software like Wine, VMWare or Parallels. Some users have found Wine helpful, despite it's unstable behavior (observed in April 2014). 
-== Licensing == 
-To use the native version of GAMS on a Mac, you need a valid GAMS license, that is either a Mac platform or a cross platform license. If you execute the Windows version of GAMS on Mac by using third party software, you need a GAMS Windows license. Note, however, that running GAMS on Wine, accepts also a GAMS Mac platform specific license. If your license does not cover the Mac platform, then you can change the license to Mac license or upgrade to a cross platform license. However, for any licensing changes, the license needs to be under maintenance. For more information about when a GAMS license is under maintenance,​ see section **Maintenance and Support** in: link for [[http://​​sales/​commercialp.pdf|commercial customers]],​ link for [[http://​​sales/​academicp.pdf|academic customers]]. In case you are interested in making changes to your license, please contact <​>​. In case you want to speed up the process, please note your GAMS license number, i.e. DC-number, in the email. 
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