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(Individual) Installation on Sun's Network Compute Utility

Note: There is a shared version of GAMS available in the Job Catalog, please visit that page for more information about using GAMS on the SUN Grid Compute Utility. In case you prefer to work with your own installation:

  1. Install GAMS on a local machine running Solaris 10.
  2. Replace the contents of with this file.
  3. Zip the GAMS system directory (i.e gams): zip -r gams gams.
  4. Logon to the Sun Grid.
  5. Generate new resource (type application) named GAMS and upload the file
  6. Copy the model files into a temporary directory and zip everything (i.e.
  7. Generate new resource (type Data) named trnsgrid and upload
  8. Generate new job named gamsrun1 with these attributes:
    • Name: gamsrun1
    • Executable: gams/gams
    • Parameters: ../trnsgrid.gms lo=3
    • Internet Access: This Job does not use Internet Access
    • Add the resources GAMS and trnsgrid to that job
  9. Finally start the job and wait for the feed back
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