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What are the restrictions of the free version of GAMS?

Without a valid GAMS license the system will operate as a free demo system with these limitations:

  1. Model limits:
    • Number of constraints and variables: 300
    • Number of nonzero elements: 2000 (of which 1000 nonlinear)
    • Number of discrete variables: 50 (including semi continuous, semi integer and member of SOS-Sets)
  2. Global solver limits:
    • Number of constraints and variables: 10

The GAMS log will indicate that your system runs in demo mode:

GAMS Rev 227  Copyright (C) 1987-2008 GAMS Development. All rights reserved
Licensee: GAMS Development Corporation, Washington, DC   G871201/0000CA-ANY
          Free Demo,  202-342-0180,,   DC0000
--- Starting compilation

GAMS will terminate with a licensing error if you hit one of the limits above.

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