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-====== ​ Why do I get a warning from the Windows ​SmartScreen when trying to install GAMS? ======+====== ​ Why do I get a warning from Microsoft ​SmartScreen ​Filter ​when trying to install GAMS? ======
 +The SmartScreen is a feature that is used in the Internet Explorer as well as in Windows 8 and newer versions of Windows. It is supposed to help to protect your computer against unwanted software. It uses a reputation-based system to rate files downloaded from the internet. That means that a file gets a better reputation when it gets download more often. As a result you might get a warning like this, especially for GAMS distributions that were recently released:
 +{{ :​installation:​warning.png?​600 |}}
 +If you click at "More info" you will see the option to continue the installation process.
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