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Installation Notes (Linux/Wine)

  1. Download the installation file from our download page.
  2. Execute the installation file (You might have to chmod the installer file so you can do this)
  3. Run the shell script script to start the GAMS-IDE. The script is located in the directory GAMS23.7 that is created when you execute the installation file. If you want to move/copy the script, you can do so, but you need to adjust the rootdir variable inside the script and point to the GAMS23.7 directory. By default rootdir is the location of the script.

Summary of shell commands to install (note that the exact file location and distribution number may change):

$ wget
$ chmod u+x linux_x86_32_wine_sfx.exe
$ ./linux_x86_32_wine_sfx.exe
$ cd GAMS23.7
$ ./

The only other file in GAMS23.7 is the directory .wine with is usually hidden and contains everything else. For information about how to install a license file, please follow this link.

Note: The GAMS wine system is a 32bit application that needs some 32bit support libraries on your system. One a pure 64bit Linux system, these libraries might have to be installed. On a CentOS 7 system, these libraries were installed via

yum install freetype.i686
yum install libgcc.i686
yum install libSM.i686
yum install libXext.i686

Un-Installation Notes

To remove the GAMS/Wine installation from your system, it is sufficient to just remove the GAMS system directory (GAMS23.7 in the above example).

Additionally, when the GAMS IDE has been executed the first time, it has created a directory gamsdir in your home directory ($HOME). Thus, you might want to remove this directory, too. However, note that gamsdir is also the default location to store GAMS projects and their source files!

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