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 ====== Installation Notes (Linux/​Wine) ====== ====== Installation Notes (Linux/​Wine) ======
-  - Download the installation file from our [[http://​​download/|download page]]. +See http://​​help/topic/gams.doc/userguides/​userguide/​_u_g__u_n_i_x__i_n_s_t_a_l_l.html#​UNIX_WINE_INSTALL
-  - Execute the installation file (You might have to chmod the installer file so you can do this) +
-  - Run the shell script ''​''​ script to start the GAMS-IDE. The script is located in the directory GAMS23.7 that is created when you execute the installation file. If you want to move/copy the script ''​'',​ you can do so, but you need to adjust the ''​rootdir''​ variable inside the script and point to the GAMS23.7 directory. By default ''​rootdir''​ is the location of the script.+
-Summary of shell commands to install (note that the exact file location and distribution number may change):<​code>​ 
-$ wget http://​​distributions/​23.7.3/​linux/​linux_x86_32_wine_sfx.exe 
-$ chmod u+x linux_x86_32_wine_sfx.exe 
-$ ./​linux_x86_32_wine_sfx.exe 
-$ cd GAMS23.7 
-$ ./​ 
-</​code> ​ 
-The only other file in GAMS23.7 is the directory ''​.wine''​ with is usually hidden and contains everything else. 
-For information about how to install a license file, please follow this [[installation:​how_do_i_install_a_license_file|link]]. 
-Note: The GAMS wine system is a 32bit application that needs some 32bit support libraries on your system. One a pure 64bit Linux system, these libraries might have to be installed. 
-On a CentOS 7 system, these libraries were installed via 
-yum install freetype.i686 
-yum install libgcc.i686 
-yum install libSM.i686 
-yum install libXext.i686 
-===== Un-Installation Notes ===== 
-To remove the GAMS/Wine installation from your system, it is sufficient to just remove the GAMS system directory (''​GAMS23.7''​ in the above example). 
-Additionally,​ when the GAMS IDE has been executed the first time, it has created a directory ''​gamsdir''​ in your home directory (''​$HOME''​). Thus, you might want to remove this directory, too. **However**,​ note that ''​gamsdir''​ is also the default location to store GAMS projects and their source files! 
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