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-====== (GDX error message)*** Msg: File version not supported ====== 
-Version 22.3 of GAMS introduced a new format (version 6) to store gdx files in a compressed form with some significant savings both in file size and writing time. However we were forced to break backwards compatibility. ​ We were loathe to do this but we couldn'​t introduce compression without doing so.  ​ 
-Thus prior versions used version 5 and can not read the format of version 6. If this is the case you will get an error: 
-c:​\test\gdx2veda test 
-*** Could not open GDX: test.gdx 
-*** Msg: File version not supported 
-Solution: Use the utility ''​gdxcopy''​ to convert from the newer file format to an older one. This utility is part of current distributions. ​ 
-If you are not sure which version of GAMS has been used to create that gdx file, use the tool ''​gdxdump''​ to inspect the contents of your gdx file. The ''​File version''​ part is what you can pay particular ​ 
-attention to. 
-  * Version 5: * ''​File version ​  : _GAMS_GDX_235_2005-11-15''​ 
-  * Version 6: * ''​File version ​  : _GAMS_GDX_237_2007-01-09''​ 
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