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GDXMRW Debugging and Support Instructions

The installation and testing procedure for GDXMRW is described in the GDXMRW documentation. If you are new to GAMS, or are having problems with the initial installation and setup of GDXMRW, you may find the amplified instructions below helpful when running the GAMS/Matlab utilities for the first time.

For non-IDE and non-Windows users

  • Make sure you have the latest version of GAMS installed. Be sure to check if there are incremental updates available, since they may address issues that come up between releases.
  • Create a scratch directory to run the tests in. Do not run tests in the testlib_ml directory. I suggest you create a directory called tmp.
  • cd to the scratch directory.
  • Extract the model gdxmrw05 from testlib by running testlib gdxmrw05.
  • Observe that the files have been copied to the scratch directory - gdxmrw05.gms plus some other files, including testinst.m.
  • For example, here is a Linux session executing the steps above:
$mkdir tmp
$cd tmp
$testlib gdxmrw05
 Copy ASCII: gdxmrw05.gms
 Copy ASCII: gversion.gms
 Copy ASCII: testinst.gms
Copy binary: testinst.m
  • Open Matlab and cd to the scratch directory created above.
  • Set the Matlab path as described in the documentation.
  • Verify that the path is set correctly and that it points to the desired GDXMRW files. To do so, use the Matlab which command, e.g. which gams, which rgdx, etc. The output should indicate that the Mex-files to run are in the intended GAMS system directory.
  • Run testinst from Matlab. This will send some log output to the screen and also create a file testinstlog.txt. The log output should give a clear indication of success or failure.
  • For example, here is a Matlab session executing the steps above:
>> cd tmp
>> addpath ~/24.1beta
>> path


>>which gams
>> which rgdx
>> testinst
testinst run completed successfully: no errors
See testinst log file testinstlog.txt for details
  • If the testinst script indicates failure, send its screen output and the log file testinstlog.txt to GAMS Support. In addition, follow the testing and reporting steps described in the basic functionality testing link below.

Basic Testing

If you find that GDXMRW is not functioning at all, please:

  1. download the Matlab script gdxmrwSupport.m
  2. open Matlab and cd to the directory containing gdxmrwSupport.m
  3. run gdxmrwSupport
  4. send the screen output and resulting log file gdxmrwSupport.txt (located in the created folder tmp_gdxmrw) to GAMS Support.

Before sending the results to GAMS Support, you may want to look over the outputs and re-run some of the diagnostic commands via cut-and-paste, in case a solution presents itself to you.

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