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-====== GDXXRW error: "​Exception not caught: Call was rejected by callee"​ ====== 
-This error can occasionally show up during the data exchange with Excel sheets, which contain complex macros ​ or graphs or pivot tables. Excel is still busy executing the macros or updating the graphs or pivot tables and ''​gdxxrw''​ attempts to access the sheet meanwhile. The Excel Com Automation Server does not respond timely, no data is exchanged between ''​gdxxrw''​ and Excel, and the error message is being triggered. ​ 
-Distribution 23.1 introduces the ''​gdxxrw''​ parameter ''​rwait''​ to give Excel some additional time (in ms) to finish these operations , e.g. ''​gdxxrw results.gdx o=results.xls @task.txt rwait=2500;'' ​ 
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