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-====== GDXXRW is slow ====== 
-===== Use a parameter file instead of several gdxxrw calls ===== 
-execute '​gdxxrw.exe res.gdx par=TKBF ​  ​rng=stat!b2';​ 
-execute '​gdxxrw.exe res.gdx par=MKBF ​  ​rng=stat!b4';​ 
-execute '​gdxxrw.exe res.gdx par=TBKF ​  ​rng=stat!b6';​ 
-execute '​gdxxrw.exe res.gdx par=alpha ​ rng=stat!b8';​ 
-execute '​gdxxrw.exe res.gdx par=v_s ​   rng=stat!b10';​ 
-execute '​gdxxrw.exe res.gdx par=PKF ​   rng=stat!b12';​ 
-execute '​gdxxrw.exe res.gdx par=TKF ​   rng=stat!b14';​ 
-execute '​gdxxrw.exe res.gdx par=TSCK ​  ​rng=stat!b16';​ 
-execute '​gdxxrw.exe res.gdx par=Abs ​   rng=stat!b18';​ 
-execute '​gdxxrw.exe res.gdx par=Ant ​   rng=stat!b20';​ 
-par=TKBF ​   rng=stat!b2 
-par=MKBF ​   rng=stat!b4 
-par=TBKF ​   rng=stat!b6 
-par=alpha ​  ​rng=stat!b8 
-par=v_s ​    ​rng=stat!b10 
-par=PKF ​    ​rng=stat!b12 
-par=TKF ​    ​rng=stat!b14 
-par=TSCK ​   rng=stat!b16 
-par=Abs ​    ​rng=stat!b18 
-par=Ant ​   rng=stat!b20 
-execute '​gdxxrw.exe res.gdx @2excel.txt';​ 
-===== Do not share the workbook ===== 
-Microosft Excel offers a functionality called "​[[http://​​en-us/​excel/​HP052622941033.aspx|shared workbook]]"​ which allows several people or even applications editing a shared workbook simultaneously. However enabling that functionality decreases the performance of gdxxrw substantially. Below is an example, which illustrates this: 
-Illustrate the difference when updating a shared or non-shared workbook 
-xlstalk is used to open and close the file; the user has to save the 
-workbook as shared to illustrate the difference. 
-Note that for very small updates the time difference is not so dramatic 
-set i /i1*i400/ 
-    j /j1*j255/; 
-parameter A(i,j); 
-execute_unload '​f1.gdx',​ i, j, A; 
-*close in Excel and delete 
-execute '​xlstalk.exe -C f1.xls';​ 
-execute 'rm f1.xls';​ 
-*create the file 
-execute '​gdxxrw.exe f1.gdx output=f1.xls par=A dim=2 rng=sheet1!A1 trace=0';​ 
-* write again to show the time for an existing file 
-execute '​gdxxrw.exe f1.gdx output=f1.xls par=A dim=2 rng=sheet1!A1 trace=1';​ 
-* open the file in Excel 
-execute '​xlstalk -O f1.xls';​ 
-* wait for the user the save the file shared and close the file 
-execute '​xlstalk -W f1.xls';​ 
-*see timing difference when the file is shared but closed 
-execute '​gdxxrw.exe f1.gdx output=f1.xls par=A dim=2 rng=sheet1!A1 trace=1';​ 
-*open in Excel and get timing when the file is open 
-execute '​xlstalk -O f1.xls';​ 
-execute '​gdxxrw.exe f1.gdx output=f1.xls par=A dim=2 rng=sheet1!A1 trace=1';​ 
-* the user has to save the file to see the changes 
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