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How can I split the input line for gdxxrw over several lines?

Q: My line of code below is very long. How can I split it over 2 or 3 lines? Execute 'GDXXRW.EXE i = “D:\GSOP\im\xplan\GSOP_Data_200604w.gdx” o = “D:\GSOP\im\xplan\GSOP_Data_200604w.xls” par=surplus Rng=w_surplus!a1';

You can create an input file for GDXXRW to be processed, for example:

* this happens during compilation
$onecho > task.txt
par=par1 cdim=1 rdim=2 rng=sheet1!a1
par=par2 cdim=2 rdim=2 rng=sheet2!a1

execute gdxxrw.exe mydata.gdx o=xx.xls @task.txt
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