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 +====== Importing Set Labels into Excel using gdxxrw ======
 +Below is an example, which shows how to import set labels in Excel using gdxxrw.
 +set i /i1 one
 +       i2 two
 +       i3 three
 +       i4 four/;
 +$gdxout test.gdx
 +$unload i
 +$onecho > task.txt
 +set=i rng=sheet1!a1 values=YN
 +set=i rng=sheet2!a1 values=NoData
 +set=i rng=sheet3!a1 values=String
 +$call gdxxrw test.gdx @task.txt
 +$call shellexecute test.xls
 +You may also check this example (contributed by Tom Rutherford):​ http://​​exceltable.html
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