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 +====== Merging set elements from several GDX-files into one basic set ======
 +Sometime one wants to merge set elements from several GDX-files into one basic
 +set. Below is code fragment, which shows how to o this, even if the gdx-files ​
 +files contain lots of common elements. ​
 +First we generate some gdx files:
 +set a /a,b,c/;
 +set b /c,d,e/;
 +execute_unload "​seta",​a;​
 +execute_unload "​setb",​b;​
 +Now we combine these gdx files into one:
 +set c;
 +$gdxin seta
 +$load c=a
 +$gdxin setb
 +$load c=b
 +display c;
 +which gives:
 +   ​1 ​ set c;
 +--- LOAD  c = 1:a
 +--- MERGE c = 1:b
 +   ​7 ​ display c;
 +----      7 SET c
 +a,    b,    c,    d,    e
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