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 +If you run a model from the IDE and you get a log that contains the message ''​The system cannot find the path specified.''​ in the GAMS log 
 +--- Job trnsport.gms Start 11/23/17 19:09:03 24.9.2 r64480 WEX-WEI x86 64bit/MS Windows 
 +GAMS 24.9.2 ​  ​Copyright (C) 1987-2017 GAMS Development. All rights reserved 
 +Licensee: GAMS Development Corporation,​ USA              G871201/​0000CA-ANY 
 +          Free Demo, +1 202-342-0180,​,​ DC0000 
 +--- Starting compilation 
 +--- trnsport.gms(68) 3 Mb 
 +--- Starting execution: elapsed 0:​00:​00.003 
 +--- trnsport.gms(45) 4 Mb 
 +--- Generating LP model transport 
 +--- trnsport.gms(66) 4 Mb 
 +---   6 rows  7 columns ​ 19 non-zeroes 
 +--- Executing CPLEX: elapsed 0:​00:​00.008 
 +--- Restarting execution 
 +--- trnsport.gms(66) 2 Mb 
 +--- Reading solution for model transport 
 +--- Executing after solve: elapsed 0:​00:​00.038 
 +--- trnsport.gms(68) 3 Mb 
 +*** Status: Normal completion 
 +--- Job trnsport.gms Stop 11/23/17 19:09:03 elapsed 0:​00:​00.038 
 +The system cannot find the path specified. 
 +you might suffer from a ''​AutoRun''​ setting in the ''​HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Command Processor''​ registry key. GAMS calls the command processor to execute the solver and the AutoRun variable might effect this. So you either remove the AutoRun variable from the registry key or execute the solver with a different [[https://​​latest/​docs/​UG_GamsCall.html#​GAMSAOSolveLink|''​solveLink''​]] method, e.g. ''​solveLink=2''​.
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