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-====== Finding GAMS errors using the vi editor ====== 
-//On my UNIX workstation I use vi as my editor. Using vi it is difficult to find the error messages in the GAMS listing, which are  marked by '​****'​. ​ 
-Vi will interpret the * as a wildcard, just like for instance the '​.'​ 
-and the '$. You can instruct vi not to do this by saying: ​ 
-     set nomagic 
-You even can put this in your .exrc file (in your home directory), so 
-that this is executed each time you start up vi.  
-The other possibility is to have GAMS not write stars but something 
-else, like '​%%%%'​. This can be accomplished with the dollar control 
-statement: ​ 
-     ​$stars '​%%%%'​ 
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