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GAMS crashes after upgrading to Windows 2000

Upgrading from Windows 95/98/ME to W2k or XP by installing on top of the old operating system may create problems with the 'ComSpec' environment variable which will cause GAMS to crash:

C:\temp>gams trnsport
---    6 rows, 7 columns, and 19 non-zeroes.
--- Executing BDMLP
Bad command or file name
--- Restarting execution

Look for the 'ComSpec' environment, it should end with 'cmd.exe' as shown below.


In some cases the old 16 bit command processor '' is specified instead. This needs to be changed to cmd.exe. To change the values of 'ComSpec' you need to be logged in as administrator to your local computer.

  1. Open System in Control Panel.
  2. On the Advanced tab, click Environment Variables, then click on the 'ComSpec' system variable and click Edit to correct the entry.
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